Our current requirements are for UK based opportunities which provide value and opportunities.

The types of asset we will consider are:
Residential refurbishment projects
Residential conversion projects
Nursing homes
Garden Centres
School premises
Brownfield industrial Estates
Part built residential schemes
Commercial office and shop investments

Buying the right property, at the right price is essential to a profitable development. Using many years of experience and market knowledge, we identify and purchase properties that provide the greatest scope for value creation through planning and development.
Using our extensive network of contacts, we constantly monitor the market for exciting and profitable opportunities.
We have built a solid reputation on our ability to stay one step ahead of the market by purchasing properties faster than our competitors and securing opportunities that often never reach the open market.

We pride ourselves on designing and delivering desirable, unique and attractive homes, with a core focus on maximising invested capital without ever compromising on quality.
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Land Wanted for Sale

We specialise in buying land for re-development in south London and Surrey and Kent. If you are selling land or know someone who has land for sale, we would love to speak to you. We buy land from private land owners and land agents who are seeking to maximise their land value.
We buy properties with or without planning permission and Our architects and planners work closely with our land buying team to maximise development potential.

Contact us   today if you have any suitable property for sale in the priority area.