About Us

Remys is a Croydon based property development and investment company.

Our team has a wealth of industry experience and expertise and a proven track record in value creation. We specialise in the acquisition, development and disposal of property with a specific geographical focus on the south east markets.

Established in 1976, Remys was previously a fashion retailer and since the early 1990 has successfully created a range of refurbished and new build mixed use schemes for the residential and commercial sectors.

We take the design of our buildings seriously and believe in creating space that people can live, work and most importantly want to spend time in, that ultimately we believe drives value. The Directors have many years of experience of driving business plans and creating value that ensure at the same time that all our consultants contribute positively to our success.

As a private company and unlike many other property investment companies, the partners of Remys have built up a portfolio of residential properties which allows them to invest their own capital in the acquisition of new developments.

Often sites acquired by Remys have planning consents in place, however we also seek to acquire sites unconditionally and add significant value through achieving new planning consents prior to construction. Working with innovative teams of local architects allows Remys to produce location specific developments that maximise the potential of a site whilst meeting the needs of the local community.

The company’s proven track record is underpinned by a robust acquisition strategy based on solid and secure business fundamentals.

We pride ourselves on our ability to acquire the properties and gain difficult planning consents, with unparalleled attention to detail supported by substantial investment on every property and planning application.